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Product Description:

Jectran Classic is an iron dextran injectable solution in amber vial. Formulated with Iron in dextran complex, the safest form of injectable iron to date to meet the requirements of present day suckling pigs. Iron is essential in the formation of hemoglobin which transports oxygen throughout the body and plays an important role as a constituent of a number of metabolic enzymes. Naturally deficient in iron, growing piglets need to be supplemented on the 3rd day of life to support the increasing demand for hemoglobin and red blood cells. Without enough hemoglobin, growing tissues are poorly supplied with oxygen resulting to stunted growth and anemia.
Jectran Classic provides the needed iron to prevent iron-deficiency anemia in piglets and anemia due to blood loss and low hemoglobin level in sows. When properly administered, Jectran Classic is relatively safe and with no staining of muscles in the injection site.

Product Benefits:

- SUPERIOR QUALITY (uses the best form of iron dextran called iron III hydroxide complex under a patented binding process from Pharmacosmos, the world's leading dextran and iron dextran manufacturer)
- RAPIDLY ABSORBED (similar to form and structure with FERRITIN - the natural form of iron in the body)
- ASSURED SAFETY (uses low molecular weight iron dextran with less side effects; approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration)
- EASE OF ADMINISTRATION (optimum viscosity level resulting to lesser "run back")

Technical Information:

Per mL contains:
Elemental iron (in dextran complex), 100 mg

FORMAT: Injectable Solution

INDICATION: Prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia in piglets and in animals requiring iron therapy due to blood loss or parasitism.

CONTRAINDICATION: Do not give to animals suffering from Vitamin E and selenium deficiency or in animals suffering from active infection.

Dosage and Administration:

· Swine: (Piglets) 1 mL on the 3rd day after birth, repeat dose of 1 mL on the 14th day. (Older pigs) 1 mL/10 kg bodyweight when anemic.
· Cattle: (Calves up to 3 mos.) 5 mL during the 1st week of life and repeat at 4 to 6 weeks of age. (Older cattle/carabaos) 5 mL / 100 kg bodyweight when anemic.
· Dogs/Cats: (Puppies/kittens) ½ mL per head. (Older dogs/cats) ½ mL per 5 kg BW.

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