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LATIGO 50 Tablet
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Product Description:

Latigo 50 is a small round, white tablet containing levamisole formulated to effectively remove the 7 common worms affecting weaned piglets. It contains the true broadspectrum dewormer levamisole which is highly effective against larval and adult stages of common roundworms of swine and ruminants. It is easily absorbed in the intestine to attain effective concentration in different organs where migrating larval stages and some adult worms can be found.

Levamisole acts by interfering with the parasite nervous system resulting to irreversible paralysis and death. Because of the absence of protective enzymes which normally protects the live worm from the degradative effects of the digestive enzymes, worms are voided out digested.

Parasitized animals also have markedly reduced immune activity due to deprivation of vital nutrients needed for proper immune function. Latigo 50 addresses this by immunostimulation, helping the parasitized animal to recover immediately after deworming. It works by inducing the body’s resistance by acting on white blood cells, promoting B-cell proliferation and improving antigenic response.

Product Benefits:

- BROADSPECTRUM (kills 7 types of worms affecting backyard and commercial piggery farms in the Philippines.
- SINGLE DOSE DEWORMING; no need to repeat deworming after 14 days (absorbed into the bloodstream to reach organs where migrating larva thrives)
- IMMUNOSTIMULANT EFFECT (parasitized animals have reduced immune activity due to the competition for nutrients essential for mmune function)
- COMPLETE WORM REMOVAL (levamisole causes worms to become irreversibly paralyzed, resulting to death)

Technical Information:

Per tablet contains:
Levamisole HCl ……………………………………………………… 50 mg

LATIGO 50 Tablet is indicated for the control and removal of the following:
· Swine: Adult and 3rd – 4th stage larva of threadworms, whipworm, nodular worm, large roundworm, lungworm, red stomach worm and kidney worm.
· Ruminants: Adult and 3rd – 4th larval stages of abomasal worms, intestinal roundworms, nodular worm, eyeworm and lungworm.
· Dogs and cats: Adult and 3rd – 4th larval stages of ascarids and hookworms

CONTRAINDICATION: Do not administer concurrent with pyrantel tartrate and within 14 days of treatment with diethyl carbamazine.

Dosage and Administration:

Crush the tablet and mix with adequate amount of water or feeds, preferably in the morning.
     Weanlings: 1 tablet per 6 kg bodyweight 1 week after weaning
     Goats/Sheep: 1 tablet per 6 kg bodyweight every 4 months or after heavy rain
     Dog/cats: 1 tablet per 6 kg bodyweight every 3 months

Swine: 3 days
Sheep and goats : 7 days

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