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Product Description:

A three-step phase feeding program designed to nourish well-muscled/lean type market hogs. Good nutrition through the PIGROLAC PROGRAM accurately provides the needed building blocks for full lean muscle growth and development.Growth in young pigs consists mostly of bone and muscle, but as the pig grows older, fat deposition occurs at an increasingly faster rate. This justifies the need for a multi-phase feeding program. Each diet in the multi-phase feeding program is needed to make sure that the required nutrients per stage of growth are supplied, no more no less. This way, muscle deposition is maximized while fat accretion is minimized.During starter stage, pigs have a tremendous potential for lean muscle growth. This requires increased feed intake. However, hog raisers often fail to give sufficient balanced nutrients to starter pigs. This failure to provide key nutrients to starter pig will prevent them from achieving their genetic potential and will reduce overall lean growth of the market pig.

The increased nutrient demands during starter period, coupled with low stomach capacity, require a specialized product – PIGROLAC PREMIUM HOG STARTER GRANULES.

Product Benefits:

All PIGROLAC PREMIUM diets contain PIGROBUILDERS, all natural biopolymers proven to significantly and consistently improve weight gain of market hogs. The largest improvement in weight gain is seen when PIGROBUILDERS are present in the diet from weanling stage up to finisher.
All PIGROLAC PREMIUM diets have been fortified with Clean Air Factor also known as C-Factor. C-Factor is a natural substance proven worldwide to reduce by half the amount of ammonia excreted by the pig. This results to less respiratory problems, better growth and greatly reduced farm odor.

Technical Information:

Dosage and Administration:

Growth Stage Age in Days Type of Feed Kilos/Day
Starter 57 – 85 HOG STARTER 1.0
Grower 86 – 120 HOG GROWER 1.8
Finisher 121 – market HOG FINISHER 2.3

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