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Product Description:

ELECTROGEN D+ is an oral rehydrating formula fortified with vitamins, dextrose and glycine for maximum absorption. It replaces loss fluids and electrolytes during hot weather, wet droppings, diarrhea and vomiting cases to prevent acidosis and death due to prostration and electrolyte imbalance. Massive doses of water and fat-soluble vitamins are also included to support body functions especially during stressed periods and hot weather when feed intake is low.

Dextrose provides an immediate source of energy especially during cases of diarrhea and poor feed intake in calves, piglets and poultry. It does not need to be digested, hence can be immediately absorbed in the intestine. Without adequate dextrose, electrolytes are absorbed slowly, thus slow-acting. The presence of glucose ensures that electrolytes will be readily available in the body to correct imbalances due to disease and stress. To further hasten electrolyte absorption, glycine is included in the formulation. Research proved that glycine facilitates electrolytes and water absorption in the intestine in the presence of glucose.

Product Benefits:

- FAST ACTING FORMULA (formulated with the ideal electrolyte-sugar-amino acid combination that guarantees immediate water and electrolyte absorption; fast rehydration is very essential due to the athletic nature of fighting cocks)

- LOADED WITH ANTI-STRESS AND SUPPORTIVE VITAMINS (high doses of fat soluble and water soluble vitamins are included in the formula; these are essential for the maintenance of normal body functions and energy production needed by the highly active lifestyle and strenuous training of fighting cocks )

- ASSURED SAFETY (manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 and GMP compliant processes - our guarantee of world class quality standards)                                                     

Technical Information:

Each kilogram contains:

Sodium chloride, 99,890 mg
Sodium citrate, 85,793 mg
Calcium gluconate, 18, 921 mg
Magnesium gluconate, 10, 044 mg
Potassium chloride, 6, 564 mg
Dextrose, 200,000 mg
Glycine, 70,000 mg
Vitamin A, 11,000,000 IU
Vitamin D3, 2,500,00 IU
Vitamin E, 3,500 IU
Vitamin K, 3,500 IU
Vitamin B2, 3,000 mg
Vitamin  B6, 3,300 mg
Vitamin B12, 19,800 mcg
Niacin, 17,600 mg
Pantothenic acid, 12,100 mg

FORMAT: Soluble Powder


THUNDERBIRD ELECTROGEN D+ combines all the vitamins, electrolytes and dextrose needed by highly active and athletic fighting cocks, supporting energy production, agility and alertness during conditioning and actual fights. It is particularly indicated for recharging fighting cocks after every battle by replacing vital electrolytes and vitamins. THUNDERBIRD ELECTROGEN D+ helps cock maintain physiological pH, facilitates oxygen exchange mechanism and provides high potency vitamins to maximize energy production during actual battle.

Dosage and Administration:

Maintain gamefowl in peak form: Give 1 tsp per gallon of drinking water daily.
During heavy training, stress periods and disease outbreaks: Give 2 tsp per gallon to meet increased body demands.

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