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Gamefowl Feeds
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Product Description:

Is specialty feed designed for mixing with Thunderbird Highlander Maintenance during the maintenance stage of gamecoks. It contains pre-cleaned choice grains that suits the nutritional requirements of the gamecock during this stage.Thunderbird Multi Grain products are continously monitored and analyzed to maintain the corrrect balance needed to enhance the best fighting traits of the gamecock.

Product Benefits:
Contains pre-cleaned grains and formulated to give optimum levels of nutrients.

Technical Information:

FORMULATION: Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein (min) 14%, Crude Fat (min) 1.5%, Crude Fiber (max) 12%, Ash (max) 8&, Moisture (max) 13%

FORMAT: Grains

INDICATIONS: for best results, mix Thunderbird Grain Concentrate with Thunderbid Highlander Maintenance (which contains) PAN Phytic Acid Neutralizer). PAN works by breaking the phytic acid contained in feed grains so that it can do no more harm to the gamecock during maintenance stage.

Dosage and Administration:
Mix 50% of Thunderbird Multi Grain Concentrate with 50% of Thunderbird Highlander Maintenance. Give 40g per feeding, 2 times a day. Adjust the amount per feeding depending on the weight and bloodline of the gamecock.

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