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Manufacturer of Poultry, Agriculture & Farm Supplies

poultry, farm and agriculture supplies in the philippines

Trusted partner of Filipino animal raisers for more than 55 years.

UNAHCO's plant in Bocaue Bulacan
UNAHCO's plant in Pampanga
poultry and agricultural supplier in the philippines

UNAHCO, INC. (Univet Nutrition and Animal Healthcare Company) is the animal nutrition and health care subsidiary of United Laboratories, Inc., the leading pharmaceutical company in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia. For more than 55 years now, UNAHCO has been the trusted partner of Filipino animal raisers, providing them with quality and affordable animal feeds and veterinary medicines that enable them to run cost-efficient and profitable farm operations. UNAHCO manufactures, markets and distributes animal nutrition and healthcare products for swine, poultry, gamefowl, ducks, quail, pigeons, dogs and cats. Recently, It has also ventured into the distribution of crop protection products such as herbicides, molluscicides, fungicides and insecticides to help crop farmers protect and optimize their yield.

UNAHCO, Inc. has the capacity to produce top-notch, quality products thru its HACCP and ISO-certified plants that are equipped with state-of-the-art Manufacturing and QC facilities strategically located across the country. As of 2022, we have a total of 16 plants that meet the requirements of our agri trade partners and animal raisers nationwide and abroad.


We manufacture and distribute agribusiness solutions from feeds to veterinary medicines, disinfectants, crop protection products such as herbicides, fungicides, molluscicides and insecticides.

Our Vision

We are the leading integrated agriculture and animal healthcare in Asia.

Our Mission

We, in UNAHCO, believe in enriching lives by enhancing agriculture and animal health.

Core Values

Passion for Excellence

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