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UNAHCO believes in the immense value of strategic collaboration. UNAHCO is consistent in bringing the latest technology and innovation to its products, helping the agriculture industry as a whole. Interested to partner with UNAHCO by being one of our suppliers? Ask us how.

UNAHCO Inc and its products also fortifies its presence outside the Philippines. Currently, UNAHCO products such as Thunderbird feeds and Univet lines are also being distributed in countries such as Saipan, Cambodia, and Vietnam.


Global Alliance

UNAHCO has formed alliance with global leaders in animal health industry and nutrition such as Alltech, Akey, DSM, and Novus in pursuit product innovation and new technology that adds economic value to our farmers and raisers.

Moreover, UNAHCO Inc, as the leading animal health solutions company, strives to be globally competitive by bringing in the latest livestock and agricultural technology to the Filipino raisers through our UAD department. Should you wish to partner with us, ask us by filling up the contact form below.

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