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Become a Supplier of UNAHCO Agriculture Products

how to become a supplier of unahco animal products

Become a UNAHCO Partner

UNAHCO believes in the immense value of strategic collaboration and is open to partnerships with companies who would like to tap UNAHCO to market and distribute their innovative products in the Philippines and even abroad. UNAHCO boasts of an extensive distribution network which counts thousands of distributors, dealers and sub-dealer outlets in strategic areas nationwide who make UNAHCO products available and easily accessible to animal raisers and farmers. Interested to partner with UNAHCO? Contact United Agrivet Distribution (UAD) at

Become a Supplier

True to its commitment to produce and distribute only quality animal nutrition and health care products, UNAHCO has set high quality specifications and standards for the acceptance of production inputs such as raw materials, packaging materials and Finished Bulk. Interested to become one of our suppliers? Email us at


UNAHCO International aims to partnered with foreign distributors to bring the top brands worldwide

UNAHCO is enthusiastically eyeing the international market and has partnered with foreign distributors to bring our top brands to their countries. So far, Thunderbird Feeds, Sarimanok Poultry Feeds, Pigrolac Hog Feeds and an assortment of Univet veterinary medicines are now gaining popularity and following in Cambodia, East Timor, Malaysia, Micronesia, Palau, Saipan, Vietnam and Hawaii.


Global Alliance

UNAHCO has formed alliances with global leaders in the field of animal research, nutrition and healthcare such as Alltech, Akey, DSM and Novus in pursuit of scientific innovations and cutting-edge technology that we meticulously evaluate and adopt to enhance our existing formulations and develop new products that will help farmers and animal raisers improve their farm efficiency, performance and profitability.

Moreover, UNAHCO, relentless in its effort to expand its current product portfolio, opened its doors to local and foreign companies who would like to tap its extensive network for the distribution of their agricultural products and animal health solutions in the Philippines thru its business unit, United Agrivet Distribution (UAD). Should you wish to partner with us, contact us by filling up the contact form below.

alltech - global alliance partner of unahco
provimi - unahco's global partner
dutch state mines (dsm) - unahco supplier
novus - unahco's global partner
united agrivet distribution - unahco supplier

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