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Pigrolac Vital Hog Gestation Feeds

pigrolac vital hog gestation feed

Pigrolac Vital Hog Gestation Feeds

Product Description

Pigrolac Vital Hog Gestation is a balanced nutrient density feeds specifically formulated for gestating sows.

Product Features

Contains the following components:

(1) Pigrobuilders – a natural mineral pack that improves gut health balance and proper digestion of the sow.

(2) Clean Air Factor (C-Factor) – a potent plant extract that promotes better gut health. It greatly reduces farm odor and greatly reduces respiratory problems.



Available SKU/s

50 kg Pellet/Mash

Day and Suggested Feed Intake

Day 1-7 – 2.10 kg
Day 8-90 – 2.10 – 3.0 kg
Day 91-100 – 3.0 kg
Day 101-110 – 3.0 kg
Day 111-114 – Lessen feed intake up to farrowing

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