Pigrolac Right Gain Hog Starter Feeds

pigrolac right gain hog starter

Pigrolac Right Gain Hog Starter Feeds

Product Description

Pigrolac Right Gain Hog Starter Feeds is formulated using digestible amino acids and carefully selected raw materials. Right Gain is also highly customizable where partners can achieve an optimized nutrient density feeds for their pigs with ages 61 – 90 Days.

Product Features

Contains the following components:

(1) Pigrobuilders – a natural mineral pack that improves carcass quality, increases growth rate and reduces mortality.

(2) Clean Air Factor (C-Factor) – a potent plant extract that promotes better gut health. It greatly reduces farm odor and greatly reduces respiratory problems.

(3) ProBio+ – Contains nutrients and acids for resistance building.




Day 61-90

Available SKU

50 kg Pellet
50 kg Mash
50 kg Crumble

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