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Wow!! Manok

wow manok - vitamin mineral supplement for chicken & poultry

Wow!! Manok

Product Description

WOW!! MANOK is a top-dress supplement that contains probiotics and prebiotics which helps improve digestion, build immunity and nutrition absorption for gamefowls and poultry.


Baciilus Subtilis+ FOS + Yeast + B- complex


For cases of indigestion, stress condition, faster recovery from diseases.


Wow!! Manok Granules are not water soluble. Should not be use concurrently with Amoxicillin 20% (Amovet) and 10 % Ciprofloxacin (Quinomax)

Dosage and Administration

Granules: Mix 1 sachet or 5g to 1 lkilogram of feeds. Caplet: Give 1 caplet twice a day as supplement.

Available SKU/s

5g sachet, 100 g and 1 kg pouch. 1sachet of 14’s, box of 100’s, bottle of 100’s

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