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Microban Avi

microban avi - virucidal disinfectant for birds

Microban AVI

Microban AVI is a virucidal disinfectant scientifically formulated for birds. It has AVI-Shield Formula that is proven effective against bacteria and viruses such as Bird Flu and New Castle Disease at 1% dilution rate.


Isothiazolinone Chloromethyl, Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride


For disinfection of broiler and layer houses, brooding and breeding pens, incubators, incubator pans, lofts, training boxes, equipment, vehicles, and cockpits.


Do not mix with bleach or strong acid. Do not inhale mist. Wash with soap and water after use or skin contact. Prevent contamination of food, utensils and drinking water. Avoid spraying directly on birds.

Dosage and Administration

Routine disinfection in the presence of birds: 20mL per gallon of warm water
Terminal disinfection against viruses: 40mL per gallon of warm water
Footbaths / Wheelbaths: 40mL per gallon of warm water

Available SKUs

Microban AVI 20mL
Microban AVI 100mL
Microban AVI 1L
Microban AVI 4L

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