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Vetracin Premium

vetracin premium - best vitamins for broiler chicken & piglets

Vetracin Premium

Vetracin Premium is the best resistance-builder against harmful diseases and growth promotant during the critical stages of piglets (Day 7 to 21) and broiler/brood chicks (1st and 2nd week).


Chlortetracycline HCL, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A


Treatment of bacterial diseases of livestock and poultry caused by organisms susceptible to CTC with Vitamins A and B12 as support to the animal during periods of stress, illnessand convalescence

Dosage and Administration

Dissolve 2 tsp per gallon of drinking water for 5 to 7 Days

Withdrawal Period

Swine: 4 days
Poultry: 5 days

Available SKUs

5 g x 48 sachet, 24g x 12, 150g

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