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Wingmaster Endurance Booster

wingmaster endurance booster for racing pigeons

Wingmaster Endurance Booster

Product Description

WINGMASTER ENDURANCE BOOSTER is a special supplement designed and formulated using balanced ratios of electrolytes that are essential for optimal health and performance of racing pigeons

Vitamin A Vitamin D3
Vitamin E Vitamin K
Vitamin B2 Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12 Niacin
Calcium d-Pantothenate Calcium Gluconate
Magnesium Gluconate Potassium Chloride
Sodium Chloride Sodium Citrate
Dextrose Anhydrous Glycine
Dosage and Administration

Dissolve (2) tsp of (6)g sachet per gallon of drinking water to be given daily.

Available SKU/s

6g and 6g x 48 family box

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