Wingmaster Endurance Booster

wingmaster endurance booster for racing pigeons

Wingmaster Endurance Booster

Product Description

WINGMASTER ENDURANCE BOOSTER is a special supplement designed and formulated using balanced ratios of electrolytes that are essential for optimal health and performance of racing pigeons

Vitamin AVitamin D3
Vitamin EVitamin K
Vitamin B2Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12Niacin
Calcium d-PantothenateCalcium Gluconate
Magnesium GluconatePotassium Chloride
Sodium ChlorideSodium Citrate
Dextrose AnhydrousGlycine
Dosage and Administration

Dissolve (2) tsp of (6)g sachet per gallon of drinking water to be given daily.

Available SKU/s

6g and 6g x 48 family box

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