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Bayanihan Group Builds a Bayanihan Multi-purpose Hall for Sagbayan Central Elementary School


The Bayanihan Group, composed of UNAHCO employees, partners and generous donors from Unilab, has made good its promise to build Sagbayan Central Elementary School a Multi-Purpose Hall. Its main objective for building the 360-square meter Bayanihan Multi-Purpose Hall is to provide teachers and students a comfortable venue where they can hold activities, programs and school ceremonies. The Bayanihan Multi-Purpose Hall shall stand witness to the honing of the talents and skills of students and the culmination and recognition of their years of hard work and academic accomplishments.

Since 2014, the Bayanihan group has been helping out Sagbayan Central Elementary School. To date, they were able to build and donate four (4) Bayanihan classrooms, two (2) comfort rooms, one (1) computer room equipped with 12 desktop computers, a laptop, a printer, a multi-media projector.

UNAHCO and Unilab employees also helped restock Sagbayan Central Elementary School’s library with books from their generous donation.

Sarimanok, one of UNAHCO’s biggest business units, also conducted a feeding program for the children of Sagbayan which highlighted the nutritional benefit of eating eggs. Each child was also given a Sarimanok bag containing school supplies and a Sarimanok umbrella.

Some donations were likewise coursed thru the Bayanihan Group such as one unit microscope from its technical partner Alltech and school desks from the Bohol Association of Arizona, USA.

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