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10 Must-Know Supplements for Piglets

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10 Must-Know Supplements for Piglets

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10 Must-Know Supplements for Piglets


Ever wondered about the secret to ensuring pigs grow healthy and strong? It’s actually not that complicated — adequate nutrition while they are still piglets is the key!

Just like humans, piglets need various vitamins and minerals while they are young. These don’t just help them grow faster, but raise their defenses against diseases that can harm them too. The good news is, a lot of these nutrients are present in feeds and supplements dedicated to improving pigs’ health. 

So what exactly are the best nutrients for piglets? Learn about the ideal vitamins and minerals that piglets will need with the help of this guide.

Remember These Piglet Health Boosters

Research conducted by animal health experts over the years has revealed that piglets require some vitamins and minerals that people need for their well-being as well. 

If you’re asking yourself, “How can I increase my piglets’ growth?” look out for these nutrients that may be found in piglet supplements and feeds: 

  1. Vitamin A: Piglets need vitamin A to develop good eyesight, stimulate tissue formation, and promote good reproductive health.
  2. Vitamin D: This vitamin is needed to absorb calcium and phosphorus and build strong bones. Vitamin D may also assist in improving piglets’ immunity. 
  3. Vitamin E: This vitamin is known to function as an antioxidant that may help provide an added layer of defense against diseases in piglets. Vitamin E may also help promote enhanced muscle function and integrity and good reproductive health. 
  4. Vitamin K: It is crucial in blood clotting among piglets. 
  5. Vitamin B complex: This refers to a group of water-soluble vitamins that include riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), biotin (vitamin B7), and vitamin B12. These B vitamins assist enzymes that help metabolize carbohydrates, proteins, fat, and energy, all of which are required by piglets to boost their health. 
  6. Amino acids: These nutrients, which come from protein, help with muscle growth and overall maintenance of good health in piglets.
  7. Calcium and phosphorus: Both minerals play vital roles in building bones and help with various metabolic processes. 
  8. Iron and copper: These minerals play roles in multiple enzyme systems in piglets’ bodies and help produce hemoglobin (HgB) to lower the risk for anemia in piglets. 
  9. Iodine: It is required by the piglets’ thyroid gland to produce a hormone called thyroxine that may play a vital role in metabolism and cell activity.
  10. Choline: This nutrient helps ensure proper tissue function.

Remember: ask a trusted veterinarian about the ideal nutrient requirements for a piglet’s age. If the piglets don’t get enough of these nutrients from either their diet or from supplements, they may be at risk for deficiencies that can negatively impact their health.

Check Out This Supplement That’ll Help With Piglets’ Health

Although providing your piglets with much-needed nutrients via their diet is crucial, don’t forget to give them supplements too. While these shouldn’t serve as replacements for a healthy diet, supplements do give you a helping hand and provide nutrients that can help with piglets’ growth and development.

When it comes to piglet supplements, choose Vetracin Premium. This formula contains nutrients like Chlortetracycline HCl, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin A, all of which help promote growth during a piglet’s critical stage (Days 7 to 21) and aid in building piglets’ resistance against harmful diseases.

To give your piglets Vetracin Premium, dissolve 2 teaspoons of Vetracin Premium per gallon of drinking water and administer for five to seven days. You can also talk to a trusted veterinarian who can help you determine the ideal dose for your growing piglets. 

Moreover, you can also ask these health experts about other possible nutrients your piglets will need and how to give these to them.

For more information about the nutrients that piglets require to grow and how you can take better care of them, visit the UNAHCO website today! Be enlightened with various guides and tips that will help you become a responsible owner and caretaker for these animals.




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