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Premium Hog Starter Feeds

pigrolac premium hog pre-starter for weanling piglets

Premium Hog Pre-Starter

Product Description

Pigrolac Premium Hog Pre-Starter contains Pigrobuilders, Advance Colling System and C-Factors to provide the best yield for hog raisers. Its formulation especially made for weanling piglets to support the growth of lean muscle.

Product Features

Pigrolac Premium Hog Pre-Starter contains the following components:

  1. Advanced Cooling System (ACS – a multi-component nutrition system that reduces heat stress in pigs by helping the cells stay hydrated and maintaining integrity of cellular proteins during hot climate.
  2. Pigrodbuilders – a natural mineral pack that improves carcass quality, increases growth rate and reduces mortality.
  3. Clean Air Factor (C-Factor) – a potent plant extract that promotes better gut health, reduces farm door and respiratory problems
Feeding Guide

DAY 36 to 60
500 – 700 grams

Available SKU/s

50 kg Pellet/Mash

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