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Pigrolac Premium Hog Starter

pigrolac premium hog starter

Premium Hog Starter

Product Description

Pigrolac Premium Hog Starter is a high-density feeds specifically formulated for pigs within 61-90 days of age.

Product Features

Pigrolac Premium Hog Pre-Starter contains the following components:

Contains the following components:                                             

(1) Advanced Cooling System (ACS) – a multi-component nutrition system that reduces heat stress in pigs. ACS helps cells stay hydrated under heat stress conditions. It also maintains integrity of cellular proteins in hot climate. ACS also improved the Average Daily Gain (ADG) and Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR).                                        

(2) Pigrobuilders – a natural mineral pack that improves carcass quality, increases growth rate and reduces mortality.                                                    

(3) Clean Air Factor (C-Factor) – a potent plant extract that promotes better gut health. It greatly reduces farm oder and greatly reduces respiratory problems.




Day 61 – 90

Suggested Feed Intake

1.0 – 1.2 kg

Available SKUs

50kg pellet

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