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Genvet Oxyn

genvet oxyn - oxytocin for milk letdown in pigs

Genvet Oxyn

GenVet Oxyn contains Oxytocin for acceleration of normal parturition interval and milk letdown in breeders.

Product Features and Benefits

GenVet Oxyn is a safe, affordable, quality myometrial stimulant for breeders.




For faster expulsion of the fetus when uterine inertia is diagnosed; after parturition, it aids the expulsion of placenta debris and promotes involution and controls uterine bleeding; facilitates collection of milk samples and helps in milk letdown.


Do not use in dystocia cases of abnormal fetal presentations until fetal position is corrected.

Dosage and Administration

Swine / Goat / Sheep: 1 – 2mL
Cattle / Horses: 3 – 6mL
Dogs / Cats: 0.25 – 5mL

Available SKUs

GenVet Oxyn 10mL x 6

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