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A Quick Guide on Gamefowl Nutrition and Vitamins

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A Quick Guide on Gamefowl Nutrition and Vitamins

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A Quick Guide on Gamefowl Nutrition and Vitamins


Gamefowls are all about health and performance. In order to achieve this, a nutritionally balanced diet and a steady supply of vitamins are essential. Fighting performance depends so much on your gamefowl’s nutrition and vitamins as they boost the fowl’s immunity and physical fitness. With vitamins, supplements are added to the diet to make up for possible nutritional deficiency. This, too, enhances the gamefowl’s fighting performance. 

But with so many gamefowl nutrition and vitamin options out there, which one would you pick? It always pays to listen to the expert. And when it comes to gamefowls, it’s always a good idea to trust feeds and vitamins that veterinarians and experts also trust. 

From UNIVET, the trusted name in animal care, here’s an easy guide on what to give to your gamefowls: 

1. Electrogen D+

This is a water-soluble supplement formulated for the active conditioning of gamefowls. It works like an oral rehydration formula that contains electrolytes, dextrose, and essential vitamins. This combination is used to recharge and re-energize the gamefowls after a fight or a highly  exhausting training.  

To maintain your gamefowl in its best fighting form, mix 1 tsp of Electrogen D+ in a gallon of water. Give this daily during heavy a training and when there’s a disease outbreak. On days when there is an increased demand for extra energy, use 2 tsps of this on a gallon of water. 

Available in: 

6g x 48, 20×12 and 1 kilo canister

2. Ganador Max

This is a supplement that comes in tablets, containing vitamins and minerals specifically formulated to help toughen up corded gamefowls, fortify the body, and bolster its fighting performance. Aside from strengthening the body for major fights, Ganador Max also enhances the immune system against common diseases and effects of stress. 

For pre-conditioning, just give 1 tablet to your gamefowl every 3 days. Continue doing this until the conditioning period. 

Available in: 

Box of 200’s and Box of 50’s

3. Thunderbird Dextrose Powder

This water-soluble supplement comes in a dextrose powder form, designed to help avoid gamefowls from getting dehydrated during stressful periods. Think vaccination, post fight recovery, recuperation from a disease, or a strenuous exercise. This supplement rehydrates and re-energizes the fighting cocks. 

Simply mix 1 tbsp of this powder into your gamefowl’s feed. This is to be given twice a day. 

4. Thunderbird Energizer

This instant energy booster gives an additional dose of energy to your gamefowl on days when it needs an extra supply of strength. It’s a liquid supplement ideal for fighting cocks during trainings, vaccinations, and transportation.

To administer, orally give 7 drops at least 30 minutes before travel time and 30 minutes upon arrival. 

Available in: 

5 ml and 15 ml

5. Wow! Manok

This granule supplement is ideal for faster recovery from diseases, cases of indigestion, or when you need to manage your gamefowl’s stress condition. It has probiotics and prebiotics whose major function is to help improve digestion. These are also essential for ensuring proper absorption of nutrients by the body. More importantly, Wow! Manok also strengthens your gamefowl’s immune system. 

To use, just mix  5g of Wow! Manok  to 1kg of feeds. As a caplet, give 1 caplet twice a day for supplement.  

Available in: 

5g sachet, 100g and 1 kg pouch. 

1sachet of 14’s, box of 100’s, bottle of 100’s

For more information on nutrition and vitamins for your gamefowl, visit https://unahco.com/





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