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The 5 Best Gamefowl Breeds for Your New Breeding Business

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The 5 Best Gamefowl Breeds for Your New Breeding Business

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The 5 Best Gamefowl Breeds for Your New Breeding Business


Cockfighting has evolved from a simple entertainment to a prevailing sport where people from all walks of life would devote their resources to. It is no secret that Filipinos find cockfighting thrilling. And because of the interest’s climb to a whole different level, raising gamefowls is now a booming billion-peso industry. From millionaires with hectares of land exclusive for gamefowl breeding to the humblest tricycle driver in the neighborhood who breeds a Trio, it is a fact that the passion Filipinos have for gamefowls has gone on forever.

So if you are a beginner in the industry who’s thinking of breeding gamefowls to put extra money in your pocket or simply an aspiring enthusiast wanting to evolve your hobby into a legitimate business, it is better to start off with the most important thing – choosing the bloodline.

There are various bloodlines to choose from and master breeders have perpetually debated which of them is the best. When it comes to your new breeding business, never settle for anything but the top fowls. So, to help you with your options, here is a list of the best gamefowl breeds that will serve as your foundation line:


Said to originate from England and Ireland, the Whitehackle is considered by most breeders as the most beautiful gamefowl. They have straight combs, they stand proud with their broad shoulders, and they have a compact build and thick plumage. They are mostly red in color, spotted with mustard hackles. A pure whitehackle fowl normally boasts a majestic white color. So, if you are into aesthetics, the Whitehackle is your go-to breed.

But don’t let looks fool you as Whitehackles are known to have high gameness (eagerness to fight or showing fierceness) and are extremely smart. Breeders would often refer to whitehackles as “ring generals” because of their use of the cockpit, displaying tactical positioning and shiftiness. Whitehackles are hard-hitters and have good cutting ability. They are also physically strong and durable, able to withstand hits and last in drag fights.

Popular whitehackle bloodline includes the Morgan whitehackle and the Kearney whitehackle, among others.


There is a reason Hatches are also popular to breeders. Just like Whitehackle gamefowls, Hatches are known to have a high-level of gameness, apart from being strong and aggressive. They possess tremendous power and toughness which is good for drag fights.

Hatches are known to mature quickly, giving them sturdy bodies and strong bones early on. Likewise, they are always in great condition regardless of the weather.

The most favored strain of the Hatch bloodline includes the Yellow-legged hatch, Blueface hatch, the McLean hatch, and the Morgan hatch.


Multiple claims have been brought up regarding the origin of the Roundhead breed. Some claim they came from England, while some would say they came from Asia. Regardless of the breed’s true birthplace, the Roundhead bloodline has already proved its value to serious breeders.

Known to have good body conformation, Roundheads have round and short bodies, and are especially good at stag fighting.

Roundheads are smart gamefowls, able to strike opposing cocks accurately with their already deadly cutting abilities, while moving strategically against any opposing fowl.


Bred by a certain Col. John Madigin to beat another famous gamefowl breeder, the Claret bloodline is notorious for being one of the keenest cutting gamefowls in both land and air. Its name was derived from Red as a Claret wine, hence its name, Clarets have black breasts and straight combs. They often have white streaks on their wings and tails, and have heavy feathers.

These high stationed roosters are aggressive hitters and can break high with their high-flying moves. Claret game fowls seldomly strike, but when they do, they time it carefully to ensure a more deadly hit.

Clarets are also top picks for some breeders to cross with other fowl breeds.


One of the most in demand and the winningest gamefowl breeds today, the Sweater deserves the praises it gets from all cockfighting enthusiasts. The Sweater possesses a do-or-die mentality – always engaging, always aggressive. Sweaters would usually overwhelm their opponents with their combination of moves.

Sweaters are medium to high stationed, red-breasted and with long feathers, especially in its tail. They used to lack endurance, but infusions of other fowl breed to their bloodlines made them the threat they are today.

Now that you know the best breeds to choose from and you know what you want, you are now all set for the next step in your new breeding business. Pick one that best suits you and make sure you’re able to manage it. 

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