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unagro exploder - effective slug & snail bait


Exploder is a bait type metaldehyde molluscide. It is an attractant bait with stomach action recommended for the golden apple snail (kuhol) on paddy rice and snails and slugs on ornamentals. EXPLODER comes in a unique Nano Extruded Pellet form which allows for wider area coverage and better dispensability. It has a quick knockdown action with a sustained release aroma ensuring high efficacy against Golden Kuhols.


Metaldehyde, Inert Ingredients.


Do not take/drink alcohoolic drinks or beverages 24 hours before handling, during application and up to 48 hours after handling/application. Wash hands with soap and water before eating after handling the product. Prevent access of dogs and other domestic animals to product and treated areas.

Dosage and Administration

For efficient and effective use of EXPLODER 6% pellets against Golden Kuhol, a standing water of 1-2 inches depth is required to enable the Golden Kuhol to move around and feed on the applied bait. It is also recommended to apply the product late in the afternoon since Golden Kuhol are active feeders during nightime.

Withdrawal Period

*used as molluscide for vegetation and plant production

Available SKU/s

1KG & 500G

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