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field general 480sl herbicides

Field General

Field General 480SL is a post emergent, non-selective herbicide. It is a broad spectrum systemic herbicide and crop dessicant designed to help control weeds espescially annual broadleaves and grasses. Recommended for BT / GT Hybrid corn farms. It is used for complete control of perennial grasses, broad leaves and sedges as well as other annual weeds.


Glyphosate, Solvent, Surfactant


Store in original container, tightly closed and out of reach of children and domestic animals. Avoid skin contact and inhalation of spray mist. Avoid contamination of any water supply with the chemica. Avoid contact with foliage, green stems, fruit of crops and other desirable plants and trees since severe injury or destruction may result. Avoid drift. Use extreme care when applying this product to prevent drift injury to desirable plants and crops. Do not apply when winds are gusty or other conditions which allow drift to occur.

Dosage and Administration

Fill tank mixer or knapsack sprayer with one half of the required amount of water. Add the recommended rate of FIELD GENERAL 480SL and mix throughly before adding the remaining portion of water. For best results, apply FIELD GENERAL 480SL during dry season as low volume spray at 200 to 400 L/ha.

Withdrawal Period

*used as herbecide for vegetable and grains production

Available SKU/s

1 Liter and 1 Gallon

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