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snail bomb - slug killer & pest control


SNAILBOMB 700WP is a wettable powder containing 700g/kg Niclosamide (Ethanolamine Salt) for the control of fresh water snails infesting rice paddies. It also has has superior solubility ensuring efficient dilution of the product. This feature guarantees no blockage in the sprayer allowing for a smoother operation of the sprayer. Made by a reputable company the product has passed the required FPA requirements and is a certified green label product.


Niclosamide (Ethanolamine Salt), Inert Ingredients


Store in original container, tightly closed and away from food, feed stuff and potable water sources. Avoid inhalation of dust and spray mist. Wear protective clothes. Do not smoke, eat or drink while using this product. Wash hands and exposed skin with soap and water thoroughly before eating and after application. Do not contaminate water sources with chemical or empty containers specially while cleaning spray equipment and protective clothing.

Dosage and Administration

Mix 35 grams of SNAILBOMB 700WP with 16L water into a spray tank. Make sure field is level and has a wayer depth approximately 3cm and wait for the snails to surface before spraying SNAILBOMB 700WP. The treated field should maintain a water level of 3cm and no additional water should be added until 48 hours after application. Apply SNAILBOMB 700 WP at 350g per ha. Repeat spraying SNAILBOMB 700WP until snails are completely eradicated.

Withdrawal Period

*used as molluscide for vegetation and plant production

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